3.用英语写出北京、天津、上海、香港、西安中任意几个地方的著名景点(如长城)顺便写出中文意思(*^__^*) 谢




Covering a catchment area of 317,800 sq kilometers (122,800 sq miles), the Haihe River is regarded as the 'mother river' of Tianjin. It is a great contributor to the improvement of Tianjin, and ties closely to the lives of Tianjin people living there for generations. People visiting the Haihe River today appreciate its scenic beauty as well as its historical and cultural atmosphere.

The Haihe River is a crucial river in North China formed by the convergence of five rivers in Tianjin. Historically, the Haihe River was open to navigation 1,800 years ago, and gradually became a junction for navigation in the Sui Dynasty (581-618). Through centuries of development, it became a trading center gathering a great influx of businessmen from around the nation. Today the former shipping center is a place for relaxation.

Regions along the river present beautiful views starting from Sanchakou (a fork in the river) to Daguangming Bridge (one of the bridges over the Haihe River). Countless attractions along the banks make the river a popular holiday destination.

Haihe Park

Of all the sights, the Haihe Park is the most attractive. Like a jade belt attached to the river banks, Haihe Park is an ideal place for pleasure and rest. Two groups of bronze sculptures are particularly noticeable. Verdant trees, beautiful blossoms, green lawns, long corridors under ivy-laced frames, fountains, and sculptures decorate the park. Residents prefer to spend their leisure time ambling there. Visitors can get a general knowledge of Tianjin from the locals.

Haihe Cultural Square

The Haihe Cultural Square is a key project in the comprehensive renovation of resorts along the Haihe River. It gained this name from the adjoining ancient culture street. Focusing on cultural traditions and folk customs of Tianjin, the designer endowed the square with a style of solemnity and simplicity. Meanwhile, a modern element enters the design. The high-tech lighting, the causeway pavement and the wooden floor make the square a shining pearl of the Haihe River bank.

Haihe Fountain Amusement Park

Completed in 1985, the playground occupies an area of 143,000 sq meters (35.3 acres). There is a spectacular colorful fountain in the central area. The park offers bumper cars, passenger-propelled airplanes, and motorcycles to visitors. In addition, in this playground are three luxurious sightseeing ships, and several speed boats offering tours along the Haihe River. Visitors can also enjoy a boat excursion at night. Light from both banks melts into the water and drifts off, like a rainbow.

In addition, the Wanghailou Church located at the north bank of the Haihe River is one of China's cultural relics. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), there was a Wanghailou Tower, a pleasure location for emperors who made trips to their provinces; the Laolongtou Rail Station is recorded as the first rail station in China's ancient commercial ports after the Second Opium War (1856-1860). Together with the establishment of other constructive projects at that time, it is eyewitness to Tianjin's development.

With its long history and beauty, the Haihe River attracts visitors worldwide. It is a river endowed with sea strength and river tenderness.





My mother took me on the harmony Beijing Tianjin Intercity Train to Tianjin. At present, this train is the fastest train in China.

We went to five Avenue French concession, ancient culture street, European style street, Jiefang Bridge, Italian style street and so on.?

But my favorite is the French concession on the Fifth Avenue and the ancient culture street.

I think Tianjin is a city with a strong historical heritage. I left a good impression here!



Tianjin is a beautiful city.Now,let me tell you something about Tianjin's famous food.Eighteenth Street Fried Dough Twists is very delicious;go believe is also a kind yummy food.

If you wang to take some photos about Tianjin.I hope you go to Panshan in Jixian.Panshan is a very nice and much famous place.And WaterPark is a good place,too.

Do you know?Tianjin has about 100 years history.representative place is Ancient Cultural Street.

Do you wang to know more things about Tianjin?Please visit Tianjin museum.It can tell you more stories about Tianjin.


用英语写出北京、天津、上海、香港、西安中任意几个地方的著名景点(如长城)顺便写出中文意思(*^__^*) 谢

Tianjin simply known as Jin is situated in the northeastern part of North China Great Plain, bordering the Bohai Sea in the east, leaning against the Yuanshan Mountain in the north, with its terrain traversing the Haihe River through north and south. It has become the hub of communications of North China and the gateway of the capital city.

Tianjin is a municipality direct under the Central Government, as well as an opening city. It's situated in the eastern part of the North China Plain, covering an area of 11,300 square km. and with a population of six million.

It has a semi-humid continental climate in the warm Temperate Zone. With an annual average temperature of 12 degrees centigrade, and rainfall of 590 millimeters, it has 220 frost-free days per year. It's rich in petroleum, natural gas and sea salt along the coastal area.

As one of China's biggest industrial centers, Tianjin has built up an all-round industrial system with machinery, electronics, textiles, chemicals, metallurgy, foodstuff etc. as its mainstays. The production on a fairly large scale, of arts and crafts like hand-made carpets, Yangliuqing's New Year Pictures printed from an engraved wood plate, Zhang's painted clay figurines, kites etc. holds an important position in the country. Tianjin has already achieved successes in the operation of its Economic and Technological Development Zone in the northeastern part of Tanggu District, covering an area of 33 square km.

Tianjin is one of the most prosperous business areas as well as a distribution center for goods and materials in North China.

It's also a key hub of land and sea communications. Its port consisting of Tianjin, Tanggu and Xingang Harbours is an important Chinese Sea port, serving as the most convenient sea outlet for Beijing, North China and Northwest. The port accessible to ocean freighters of ten thousand tons class has opened more than 20 ocean shipping routes. Tianjin has a well-developed road transport network, regular air-service to over 30 cities throughout the country, and inland water shipping, in addition to the pipelines for oil transport.

Tianjin is a famous historical city. The best known scenic spots and historical sites include Ning Garden, Tianhou Temple (Temple of Heavenly Empress), Dule Temple in Ji county, The Great Wall at the Huangya Pass, the Panshan scenery area etc.

Efforts are being made to develop Tianjin primarily into a financial center in North China, an international commercial city and a free port.


the Great Wall长城

Summer Palace 颐和园

Oriental pearl tv tower东方明珠电视塔

Jinmao Tower 金茂大厦

Hongkong & Shanghai bank of China 香港滙丰银行

international financial center香港国际金融中心

terracotta soldiers 西安兵马俑

Ocean park海洋公园

Disney land 迪士尼

the bund 上海外滩

people's square 人民广场

Shanghai Oriental art center 上海东方艺术中心

Yu garden 豫园

Shanghai Grand theater 上海大剧院

天津不太熟 希望可以帮到你


景点的英文:scenic spots

scenic spots

英文发音:[?si?n?k sp?ts]



Now I understand this is one of Kanas Lake's scenic spots, Yueliang ( Moon) Lake.







This is an extremely scenic part of America.






Not surprisingly, it's one of the world's top spots for divers.






中文释义:n. 风景;景色;舞台布景


But what about its scenery?




中文释义:adv. 布景地;风景优美地


The train journey from Sarajevo to Belgrade may have huge symbolic significance but, scenically


Last summer vacation,my family and I went to Tianjing by train.There was always sunshine and fresh air,which made us so comfortable.We went to the seaside,the sea was as blue as the sky,and bathing in the sunshine on the beach, was really an enjoyable thing.I also picked up a lot of colorful shells with my little sister.There we bought many interesting souvenirs,I was planing to send them to my friends.We ate many tings there,such as fish,prawn,and so on.They are very delicious.Then we lived in a clean and tidy hotel,and the price was not so expensive.I like Tianjing very much,and if I got a chance,I hope to come here again,it is such a beautiful and interesting place.